Weekly Wrap-up, February 27th – March 2nd

After almost a month on the road, we were back in Philly all week. We had an editorial gig to keep things interesting mid-week, but other than that we hunkered down in the studio got some work done and enjoyed a few fun diversions along the way.

It’s always refreshing to have a week back in town when you’re on the road for a while, keep reading to take a look at what we were up to in Philly all week…

Since we had a week back in Philly, it gave us a chance to catch up and check up on the gear after a few weeks on the road. Firmware was updated, sensors swiped, and lenses were cleaned.

Speaking of cleaning the gear, this pocketwizard had an interesting journey last week during one of our days at the Cleveland Vibrator Company. This guy got dropped into a vat of mechanical oil. Looks pretty clean on the outside, but I’m planning on performing some surgery this afternoon to see what it’s like internally… I’ll keep you posted.

Chris managed to score some awesome Flyers tickets this week. Gotta support the team if since photographed Jaromir Jagr last year…

And I can’t forget that today was pho-phriday for everyone at the office. Even though winter is on the way out and we can start to see signs of spring in Philly, nothing beats a huge bowl of noddle soup on a cloudy day.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We updated the main portfolio with a few new images over at www.crismanphoto.com

– We shared behind the scenes & a ton of other photos and stories from our shoot with a champion squirrel hunter

– It’s a great week to be a Canon shooter, check out Wired’s coverage of the new 5d mk iii

– Dpreview also has an excellent in depth preview of the new 5d mk iii (I cant wait till we get our hands on one!)

– A Photo Editor asks an interesting question about making a living in Photography

– Chase Jarvis offers 5 seemingly simple yet essential tips on how to become a professional shooter

Last but not least…

Rockin the new glasses at the Flyers game. Nice seats you got there buddy.

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