Weekly Wrap-up, Janurary 16th-20th

All things considered it was a good week in Philly. We spent some time early in the week concepting and planning for a big personal shoot that we worked on today – I wanted to include a few photos from today, hence the late weekly wrap up. Aside from that, Chris spent a few days this week on the road, meeting with clients and friends. January is always a great time to dive into personal work, we’re definitely missing the opportunity this year.

Late but not forgotten, keep reading for our weekly review…

I spent a good part of the afternoon on Friday working on the props for our shoot today, aka folding and flying paper airplanes all around the studio.

It was a full day for our crew. We went the extra mile to shoot tons of behind the scenes, and a time-lapse of our studio with the idea of sharing as much about the process as we can. Expect a series of blog posts coming in the future that walks though the entire process of making these pictures – from concepting to shooting, editing, retouching, and the final result. We’re really excited to go into detail about the process.

I had to throw in at least one awkward photo of Chris and I for this week. You might be wondering why he’s tying rope off to the ceiling, but it’ll all make sense in the near future. I swear.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

– We shared behind the scenes of what goes happens on a production for Morningstar Farms

– Hawaii Magazine’s February issue featuring Chris’s cover was released

– It was a sad day Thursday when Kodak filed For Bankruptcy

– What felt like the entire internet protested SOPA and successfully pushed back the vote on the unpopular bill – APhotoEditor has a poignant point of view on the issue

Last but not least…

What did we get in the mail this week?? We’ll let you know soon enough!

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