Weekly Wrap-up, July 16th – 20th

It’s been a week on the road – we’ve spent the last few days traveling and shooting on the east coast, racking up the miles down and back to Greensboro NC for an editorial shoot and working a few days in the Philly area. We’re also doing our best to gear up for an upcoming non-stop three week straight photo-bender. That’s right, we’re looking ahead at almost 21 days of shooting for a handful of editorial and advertising clients. Rest? Relaxation? Sleep? Who needs that when you’re taking awesome photos. It’s been fun the past few days, keep reading for more photos and stories of what we’ve been up to..

We were out in the country this week – sweating it out while shooting in Greensboro North Carolina for part of the time. There’s nothing quite like the workout you get hauling a generator through a cornfield in 90+ heat – and by workout I mean heatstroke.

You know it’s a good shoot when Chris gets to hold a camera in one hand and a gun in another. His camo shorts were very applicable for our location that day.

And of course there’s always time to take a few self-portraits. With a set like that, how could you not?

With all that travel and shooting, there was a lot of working from the road, even some multi-tasking like this light test + emailing shot (well maybe I was playing words with friends).

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – Chris mused on the idea of value vs. time and what that means as your career changes

 – We shared a brand new conceptual, environmental portrait

 – Heather Elder answers the question of how to stay relevant and follow trends, yet still staying true to yourself

 – The Strobist has a behind the scenes video of Martin Schoeller’s underwater Olympic shoot

 – Steve Giralt shares experiences on starting his career in New York

Last but not least…

With all those house in the car up and down the east coast, we were bound to hit some crazy weather this week.

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