Weekly Wrap-up, July 23rd – 27th

It’s been quite a week. Actually let me rephrase that – it is quite a week. As I’m blogging, we’re on the road, headed up to Maine for a weekend shoot. Maine is only part of our journey this week, we’ve been rolling all over the northeast. We started out bright and early Monday morning in Atlantic City, shot for a few days there, traveled to central Pennsylvania for some pictures, and then hauled all the way up to Boston Massachusetts for some shooting on Friday. Even though I’m wrapping up the week, our adventure continues. Keep reading to find out more…

The week actually started out with a little bit of loitering. That’s right, Chris snapped this photo of his crew working real hard on Monday morning.

We got to shooting soon enough though – Jared was behind the camera for part of this project…

And Chris was shooting in the shower strangely enough. Sometimes it’s just better not to ask questions about how he gets his photos.

After shooting around Philly for the first part of the week, we put miles down on the highway and headed up to Boston for a shoot on Friday. If you’re on the east coast, then I’m sure you know those crazy storms that rolled through this week – well, we got stuck driving through them.

The storm filled journey was worth it though – aside from a great shoot in Boston, we had a brand new, absolutely gigantic octabank waiting for us. And you know what they say when it comes to lighting modifiers, bigger is always better.

I wish I had a clever explanation for this one, but all I know is this guy was named “bob.” If you’re ever feeling like a big fish stuck in a small pond, just remember that you don’t have it as bad as bob.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We went behind the scenes for our shoot with Pork Barrel BBQ for Inc. Magazine

 – We spoke with our talented digital artist Taisya Kuzmenko about what it really took to create our latest conceptual porrtait

 – A Photo Editor asks if we’ve completely run out of ideas. I might be inclined to agree…

 – Fellow photographer Steve Giralt quantifies  his career into the seven phases of becoming a photographer

Last but not least…

You know that new octabank? It might just have the worlds largest grid… Trust me, you could get lost in this thing.


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  1. Hi Chris,

    I’ve been following your work for sometime now. A truly inspiring body of work!

    Great to see you’ll be in Maine, my home state. If you and the crew are open to grab a beer some evening and are hanging around the Portland area, let me know. My photo friends and I would be happy to pick up a round.

    Safe travels!

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