Weekly Wrap-up, July 28th – August 3rd

What a week. Well, it’s more like what a 12 day nonstop photo-binge, but who’s counting? I think at this point I’ve lost track. Good thing I write these weekly wrap-ups or otherwise I might just loose track of time and space completely. On a much more serious note (if that’s possible) we’ve had an amazing week of making tons of photos. The project that has kept us in Boston is a really special one, and although we can’t say much until later this year, it’ll be something to look forward to. As for now, keep reading to find out what we’ve been up to these past few days…

Technically speaking this weekly wrap up starts right where the last one left off – we were on the road headed up to Maine for an outdoors shoot over the weekend.

We took the gear into the great wilds of Maine – the octabank looks good in a buckwheat field, doesn’t it?

There’s nothing quite like hiking around the great outdoors and getting in touch with nature for a few days. Granted we were doing that with cameras, lights, and generators but it was still nature at it’s finest.

After the weekend in Maine, we were back in Boston all week, working on a super-secret, super-science shoot, as you can see from the very technical switch in the photo above.

We shot plenty of behind the scenes, so keep your eyes peeled for when we can release the full story behind this shoot.

Chris even managed to shoot a photo of a photo here. If you’re not following @robertluessen on instagram, then you’re missing out…

And of course, this is what happens when photographers working together get bored – they take pictures of each other. Can you guess those knuckles?

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We share a few secrets to successful composites thanks to Advanced Photoshop Magazine

 – We took a super secret look at the week long editorial project we’ve been a part of

 – Fellow shooter Leigh Beish talks about shooting cookbooks and shows some delicious BBQ imagery on Heather Elder’s blog

 – A Photo Editor links to an amazing Albert Watson documentary

 – Our pal Adam Voorhes gets interviewed thanks to I Love Texas Photo

Last but not least…

When in New England it’s hard to resist getting some Lobstah.


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  1. Hey Chris, do you always use a tripod? Don’t you find it slows you down when shooting people? How do you handle when you need to move fast and make quick changes on the fly?

  2. Hey Lawrence, Robert here, Chris’s studio manager… Every situation is different and calls for a different shooting style. We try to use a tripod as often as we can because slowing down the shooting process isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you can allow the time for it – it allows us to slow down and work through the compositions more precisely. Other times though, you just need to run and gun with the camera.

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