Weekly Wrap-up, June 11-15th

With all the miles logged in the past few months, it was great to finally spend an entire week back at home base in Philadelphia. This gave Chris and I a chance to get caught up, prepare for some adventures and shoots in the coming weeks, and even squeeze in time to shoot some new personal work. Keep reading to see what else we were up to back in Philly this week…

Speaking of shooting personal work, we spent some time this week working on pieces for a new conceptual portrait.

Any free moment that we have, we’re trying to take advantage of and shoot pictures like the paper airplanes girl and dock jumper portrait.

I should take a minute here to introduce a new face on our blog – the expert white card holder in the photo above is our new summer intern, Alex Bohn. He’ll be working with us for the next few months so I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ll be seeing of him.

I also spent a little time this week working with our video rig. Chris and I area headed down to Arkansas for a shoot next week and we’ll be bringing this robo-cop rig with us.

And of course, we made sure to restock an essential supply for our studio while we are in town. We can’t run out of rockstar.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We shared images from our shoot with local Philadelphia artisans, Peg & Awl

 – We went to the archives in honor of Euro12 to show some never before seen soccer shots

 – Fellow shooter Hunter Freeman tells the story of collaborating with CGI artist Michael Tompert on Heather Elder’s blog

 – The Strobist talks about the ethics of copycats in our industry

 – Fellow shooter Steve Giralt speaks to what it really takes to make great photographs

Last but not least…

The not-so-great part of being back in the studio for an extended period of time… we were stuck in invoicing hell for part of the week.

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