Weekly Wrap-up, June 4th-8th

Although we may have completely lost any sense of time and space thanks to the red-eye flight we just took back to Philly, we’re pretty sure and pretty happy that it’s Friday. It’s been another busy week shooting, this time on the west coast – with Chris and I making pictures and journeying between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

We went from restaurants in SF to Eco-friendly office parks in LA, shooting for the big business advertising project that has us all over the place these past few months. Sadly, I still have to keep it scarce on the details, but when we can say more, I’ll share it here. For now though, keep reading for some more shots of what we’ve been up to these past few days…

Our travel kit for the road – yes we do fly with our multicart… it’s the biggest time saver you can ever imagine when hauling gear in an airport. Everyone always is surprised when a cart comes down on the baggage claim, it seems totally normal to us.

Chris contemplates his shot in San Francisco, or maybe he was contemplating the 6 hour drive to LA we had ahead of us.

And that shot he may have been contemplating, a light test featuring yours truly.

We had some hours spent on the road, cruising from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Our rental minivan may not have been the coolest looking ride, but damn if it wasn’t comfy.

As with any week on the road, it meant a lot of working in hotel rooms – as you can see with the double laptop setup we had going in the shot above.

And of course, with all that travel, lots of beverages were consumed. Lots of big beverages.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

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 – Photographers on Photography has an in-depth Q&A with Chris about his work and career

 – Heather Elder interviews freelance art buyer Julia Cunningham as part of her Diary of a Freelance Art Buyer series

 – Fellow Shooter Dan Saelinger shows up on the daily edit

 – The Graphics Design Bender blog has a great article on running your business as a creative

Last but not least…

We find the strangest things at gas stations sometimes…

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  1. Chris I just read the Q&A piece on you. We are generations apart in age but there definitely is a connect in how we think about photography. Thanks for sharing your work and thanks to you and Robert for this blog.

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