Weekly Wrap-up, May 7th – 11th

This week seriously flew by. Maybe it was the fact that we started on west coast time and had to jump forward (a few hours – thankfully no red-eye flight) into a full on production back in the Philadelphia area. With all this shooting, scouting, and even more shooting, it’s hard to catch a breath sometimes. Thankfully it’s Friday and we’ve got the weekend to recharge. Keep reading to see what else we were up to for the past few days…

Our week started bright and early (west coast time) in San Francisco with shooting another interesting subject who I can’t say too much about. I promise I’ll be able to say more in the future!

After shooting Monday and catching a flight back to the east coast, we got ready for a big shoot in Philly… judging by all this gear, it was a very big shoot.

We did find a few spare moments this week to hang some new prints on the studio walls. When we’re finished there won’t be any blank space left!

Our studio was packed for the shoot day on Thursday – good thing we got those prints up in time.

As far as what you may have missed this week on the internet:

 – We shared some final photos from our shoot with the Cleveland Vibrator Company

 – I blogged about our adventure driving the famous route 1 in California

 – Heather Elder and Cindy Hicks of the Martin Agency share insight into the world of an art buyer

 – The Strobist explains his growing love of C-Stands

 – The AI-AP 28 Slideshow was released online, check it out for great work

Last but not least…

what did you say?