What We’re Thankful For.

It’s almost thanksgiving, and in addition to the turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie comes the real meaning of the holiday – taking a moment to appreciate all of the good in life and be thankful for what you have. In that very spirit and as we get ready to spend a few days off with our friends and family we gathered the entire Crisman team to reflect on this crazy year and all of our experiences so far.

Keep reading to find out what Chris, our digital artist Taisya, and I are thankful for this year…

[Chris] First off, I’m thankful for my beautiful wife, Julianna. We recently had our first son, Calvin. Through the entire process and with all the new responsibilities on her plate, she continues to work relentlessly to help me stayed balanced in my life.

Julianna and I are so happy to have so many people come visit,  spend time, and send wonderful gifts and blessings from all over the country since Cal’s birth. We know he is loved by many. We are thankful for this.

This will be Calvin’s first Thanksgiving and hopefully his first time feeling the food coma of a big Turkey Day meal. This would hopefully help him sleep through the night and give his mother the same opportunity. I am hoping to be thankful for this come Friday AM

A great big thank you goes out to Jared’s Castaldi and his family. They are inviting us in to their family tomorrow for the aforementioned Thanksgiving celebration.

[Chris] Our team that helps make our business tick, today, yesterday, and in to the future.  Everyone is incredibly dedicated to the process and I’m grateful to be able to collaborate with them every day.

[Chris] The opportunity to create work that inspires. Thank you to everyone who helps me along the way.

[Robert] The genuine and sometimes humbling hospitality of our subjects and they way they welcome us, as strangers with cameras, into their world. We’ve been to hundreds of shoots and met hundreds if not thousands of people yet I am still amazed at how welcomed and appreciated we feel while working.

[Robert] This blog and it’s readers, for letting us share the what, how, and why of our photography and you whoever’s reading this for listening as we tell our ever evolving story.

[Robert] The world around us and all of the incredible sights that come along with it and we are lucky enough to visit and document.

[Robert] Last but certainly not least, I am thankful for my other half – the wonderfully creative and talented Jillian Guyette.

[Taisya] Heavy metal. It gives me the power and the might to plough through hours of retouching when at work. When home, I’m thankful for Manowar blasting out of my speakers and a freezer-cold bottle of Hop’solutely – the recipe for a great night for me and a bad night for my neighbors.

[Taisya] All little and big events, important and unimportant decisions and simple coincidences that led me to my beautiful boyfriend – Jaushka Sasnou. Here its worthy to mention that I’m so very grateful that he loves Metal too.

[Taisya] My great job and Chris and Robert for making this year a super year work-wise. I am very grateful for their patience with my music preferences and my addiction to Games of Thrones “books on tapes” series.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Cheers!

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  1. Thank you all for such generosity in sharing your day-by-day. You guys make a great team, it’s very pleasing reading every blog post, even if it comes as a double week report.
    God bless the new Chris’ baby & family and you all 😉

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